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total flying experience

Enter a new world!  The total flying experience takes you from beginner to qualified pilot, and includes all the kit you need to enjoy your new sport.     

The Total Flying Experience includes everything you need to get started in paragliding.  Our paragliding instructors will help you specify the best equipment for your flying goals, and we'll have these waiting for you when you arrive at our paragliding school.  

The course element combines theory and practical exercises to ensure you become a confident and safe pilot.  In week one, you will:

  • Fly solo! 

  • Experience taking off, landing and handling your wing on the ground

  • Understand how to safely prepare and check your paragliding equipment

  • Learn how weather and the local environment impact your flying

In week two, you will:

  • Experience soaring flight, learning how to use the natural environment to 'spot' lift 

  • Try different launch techniques, and understand how your glider may react to different situations

  • Learn how to descend rapidly when you want to

  • Better understand how to pilot your paraglider safely around other pilots ​

Our small course size means the training is tailored to your needs so each week is slightly different. 

Once the tasks are completed, congratulations, you are a qualified paraglider pilot!  We encourage you to take advantage of the LifeLong Learning Guarantee as your flying career progresses.

Things to know:

Experience required:  None 

Duration: 14 Days 

Availability: Now booking to June 2025

Price: from €7695

   50% deposit

   Balance due 31 days pre course 

What's included:

  1. Equipment: Wing, harness, reserve parachute and helmet from our approved suppliers (various options available)

  2. Tuition (12 days) and lifts up the mountain

  3. Equipment specification call: Video call with your instructor min. 8 weeks before the course to discuss flying goals and specify suitable equipment

  4. Accommodation (14 nights) in a private studio apartment

  5. Shuttle transfer to/from Malaga Airport

  6. 1 day per year tuition under the LifeLong Learning Guarantee


  1. BHPA membership

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