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Paragliders are fully fledged aircraft, and as with any aircraft, carefully structured pilot training is essential if serious accidents are to be avoided.
We believe the best way to mitigate this risk is to regularly fly with an experienced instructor. That's why we offer our LifeLong Learning Guarantee - if you train with us and later need any support, you can always access the experience you need via phone, email or on a free coaching day. 


During your elementary course, we provide your paragliding equipment. Just bring suitable footwear (e.g. walking boots) and clothing (trousers and windproof coat, sunblock).

As a Club Pilot, we believe familiarity with your kit will help keep you safe. For this reason, we recommend you learn on the wing you will be flying. If you choose to book the Total Flying Experience course, our experts will help specify the right equipment for your flying goals.


Have questions about insurance, what to wear or how to get to us? 

For answers to this and all your other questions about our courses, check out our FAQ page here.

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