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Looking to learn paragliding privately or finish off your UK qualification?  Our tailored options allow you to pick the option that best suits your needs.


For pilots who are short on time or would prefer dedicated instruction, our school offers private paragliding courses for 1 to 2 people.  These mean you can learn on your own timescales, and agree course dates that suit your schedule.

In addition to our normal tuition methods, our private paragliding courses use video debriefs to help you learn and develop more rapidly.  You also benefit from our Lifelong Learning Guarantee and good weather assurance.


For paragliding pilots who have started their qualification in the UK but have been unable to complete certain tasks, we offer a 'Days to Completion' tuition option.

This tailored option allows you to take a shortened version of our Club Pilot course, or opt for individual day(s) tuition.  Training is tailored to the tasks outstanding - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We also offer tailored training for new pilots. These support you in creating a personal pilot development plan, and develop key skills immediately post qualification. Again, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Things to know:

Experience required:  None

Duration: 6, 13 or 20 days tuition

Price: from €2950 per week

Including tuition, private apartment accommodation & dedicated airport transfer

Required extras:

  1. BHPA membership 

Things to know:

Experience required:  Completed EP qualification

Duration: As required

Price: from €300 per day

Optional extras:

  1. Accommodation - from €50 per night

  2. Transfers to/from Malaga Airport - from €100 each way

Required extras:

  1. Proof of BHPA membership must be provided on arrival

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