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pre course information

what insurance do i need?

We require our students to hold personal accident insurance which specifically covers paragliding.  At the time of writing, the following companies offered suitable coverage (please note, these companies are not recommended by us and we do not accept any responsibility or liability for their services):

Paragliding Insurance - 10% Off Online | SportsCover Direct (Extreme Activities package)

For non UK/Non EU residents, or those already travelling: (Explorer Package, selecting Paragliding)

do i need special clothes or shoes?

Dress to be active and comfortable, e.g. loose trousers and a t-shirt. We recommend a windproof coat, and layers that can be added or removed up the mountain.


You will need suitable footwear, ideally with ankle support (e.g. walking boots). It is a good idea to also bring sunglasses, a hat and sun cream. You can find a full packing list here.

how can I find you?

Click here for Google Map link.


Click here to download our more detailed FAQ document, including suggested packing list, details on local facilities (including eating and shopping), optional pre-reading, and local attractions for non-flying partners.

what day/time is the airport shuttle?

The nearest airports to Algodonales are Malaga, Sevilla, and Jerez. Our shuttle service operates to/from Malaga airport on a Saturday. Drop off is at 12.30 & pick up is at 13.00. Shuttle services must be booked in advance via

How do I join the BHPA?

All our students are required to join the British Hangliding and Paragliding Association before starting one of our courses. To join the BHPA, simply click on

If you plan to complete EP & CP training, please select "Annual Flying Member". At time of writing, the cost was £165.


If at this stage you are only booked for EP, you can opt for trial membership and upgrade if you wish to continue.

Note that our school name is Love Paragliding. 

What OTher Costs wIll I Have?

Your course package includes training, accommodation, airport shuttle, all lifts up and down the mountain, and equipment hire. You will need travel insurance and to join the BHPA. Otherwise you just need to budget for meals - Algodonales is a cheap destination to eat out, around €15 will buy you a three course meal and drink. Our accommodation options all include basic kitchen facilities if you prefer to self-cater.

what if we have bad weather?

With our bad weather guarantee, you don’t need to worry.  In the event that you are unable to complete your qualification due to bad weather, we will offer an equivalent number of days free tuition on alternative dates. You may need to cover the cost of your accommodation and local transfer.

what if i want to get to you another way?

Hire a car: There are several rental car companies within Malaga airport, and you can often find some very competitive pricing. We recommend taking excess insurance separately to guard against any unexpected costs.

Taxi: We can arrange a private taxi for you. This costs approximately €100 each way from either Malaga or Sevilla; Jerez is slightly cheaper. To arrange this, please email


Public transport: It is possible to take a bus from Malaga or Sevilla to Algodonales. In both cases, connect from the airport to the central bus station and then look for buses travelling through Algodonales. We don’t recommend this as an option – it can be very slow and relatively costly.

where can i leave a review?

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